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Lego + Paperform = Festival of Play

I was invited to design my own artwork for Lego as part of the 2012 Festival of Play. Super exciting!
I think my brother and I spent the majority of our childhoods playing Lego so to have a design immortalised in this brilliant stuff was such a thrill.

Agency: Host
Art Direction: Bob Mackintosh

The Festival of Play was a celebration of 50 years of Lego being in Australia. The month long exhibition of billboards along Macquarie Street in Sydney’s CBD formed one part of a year long program. 10 unique Australian creatives were asked to put their spin on Lego and produce a design. These were then hand built by Australia’s very own certified Lego Master Builder Ryan McNaught and his team of helpers.

I wanted to push beyond the idea of a flat pixelated image and actually use the 3D nature of Lego – that is what my work is all about at the end of the day! I decided to ‘carve’ into the white billboard and use a sense of depth and the third dimension to reveal a shock of colour. Ryan’s suggestion of internal lighting really brings the whole thing to life at night.

At the end of the month in the city, the unique exhibition toured Australia alongside the Festival of Play.

Thanks to Bob Mackintosh for the night shots.