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Mardi Gras Poster 2011

I created the Mardi Gras 2011 poster with my talented wizard of a friend Técha Noble. It was my final project for the full-on year of 2010 work – what an amazing thing to go out on on! So proud! Téch art directed the campaign and I engineered the design into 3D for the photoshoot.

It was such an honour to be asked by Mardi Gras to create something home-grown and heartfelt for the city that I grew up in. Above photo by Jason Nichol for sX.

There is a small article HERE on sX about our collab.

For some crazy reason I never took photos of all the poster around town and banners that were up and down Oxford Street… Dunno what happened there!?

Below some shots from the shoot. The setup took HOURS!

Técha’s designs even got translated onto a photobooth that I found in Newtown!

At the party below. Yew!