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Failspace at Gaffa

Here is a bit of a side project I created in Failspace at Gaffa Gallery in 2012.

Failspace was a series of installations curated by Iris SiYi Shen in the first half of 2012 at Gaffa.
As one of her chosen creators, Iris asked me to take residency in the gallery for one week. The sole parameter she applied was that of physical space as a container.
End of day one:

I took the idea of ‘fail’ and proposed creating an environment that was a reaction away from my usual style of construction with a deliberate focus on random/chaos.
End of day two:

The paper cavern begins to crystallise within the space.
End of day four:

Love the depth of shading the in this photo above.
End of day five:

Iris and I dropped in on the Saturday to meet and greet the punters and host a make/do workshop.

How fun are these photos! Thank you to Sönke for taking them.

I was really happy with how the idea tuned out – it was refreshing for me to shake things up and attempt a project with such an unstructured approach.

Really enjoyed my Failspace creation – a HUGE thanks to Iris for asking me to take part!

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